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 been some time since i last enter my lj. haha. i have a lj, a blogger, a twitter, a fb... missing out tumblr cus i still find it quite stupid. oh yeh i still have wei bo. china version of twitter. yep.

anyway. just popping by to say hi. came back here cus recently exchanged blog link with gina and she uses a lj so o well. add her as friend.

and congrats to YVONNE LIM! TOP 10! woohoo! at least i didnt waste my money voting for her =D

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(Deleted comment)
LOL. eh wah piang. first time someone say my username sounds like virus. iSad. =( LOL. anyway, it's 5 Ks then underscore 2 Ks =D stands for Kiasu Kiasee Kaypo Kiamsiap Kanchiong KITE KOH. in total, 7Ks =D hahaha

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